Why I’m running

With attractive communities, enviable quality of life, and long-standing commitment to institutions like public education, Maine remains exceptionally fortunate.

Maine people understand that in a lightly populated state with closely connected communities, civic involvement and citizen voice remain our great assets.

We understand that our problems are nuanced, complex, and not well-represented by ideological division. I believe that the national narrative that we are fundamentally divided by politics here is simply not accurate.

We understand that Maine’s future must be built outward from our shared ethic for decency, innovation, entrepreneurship and hard work.

Most Mainers strive for self-reliance and want only a decent opportunity to earn a living. Ultimately the most cost-effective course for the state is to enact policies that expand opportunities for those in need to return to self-reliance. Toward this end, I believe that education and early healthcare offer the best return.

Maine must renew its commitment to the promise of all levels of education to sustain a workforce of competent, adaptable critical thinkers who can work collaboratively to solve increasingly challenging problems.

Properly managed and funded, Maine’s community and technical schools, colleges and universities are capable of meeting our needs. Locally, established institutions such as the MDI Bio Lab and Jackson Lab are leading lights in globally significant research.

We need to recognize and amplify these assets.

I believe that when Maine people have a real voice in government, they happily support common purpose and know that their well-being is linked to the well-being of their neighbors and fellow citizens.

We face real challenges: educating for a rapidly changing world, growing new classes of careers, managing healthcare costs and navigating a more stable energy future.

Working together with mutual respect, resourcefulness, intelligence and compassion, I believe we can meet those challenges.

Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, and Lamoine